Preparation is the key! Do your homework before making your appointment. Shower at least FOUR hours prior to your session. Showering right before appointment is the WRONG thing to do because your pores are larger after a warm shower and the tanning solution sits in your pores and creates dark spots. As your pores seal, the solution gets trapped and you end up with visible tanning spots. Give yourself a good scrub and a smooth shave. Exfoliating is the key to an even spray tan, as dead or flaky skin can leave you with patches and streaks. Do not wear any make up and deodorant as it will act as a barrier to spray tan solution.

You will get way darker before you get lighter. The actual tanning tint takes 6-8 hours to settle. A dark bronzer is applied simultaneously to allow the technician to know where she/he is spraying.  At first you’ll only see the bronzer on your skin, but that color gets darker as the tint underneath materializes. The best color comes after your first shower. The water will look dirty, because it is the BRONZER that is being washed off. No scrubbing, shaving or exfoliating! Only use body wash to gently clean up.

Spray tanning is not a base for sun tanning! Spray tanning gives the appearance of having a tan but has no effect on the melanin in your skin. Spray tanning should never be used as a substitute for sunscreen either as it does not protect your skin from UV damage!

You must be extremely careful for the first 12 hours. Stay away from the water! That means no water around the mouth, no crying, no hand washing, no dish washing, no teeth brushing, no sweating etc. Any amount of water/sweat could cause blotches.

Moisturize every day after spray tanning. After your first shower, start moisturizing daily to maintain your tan. Do not use oil-based moisturizers, as they can strip away your tan and leave you looking blotchy.

You can’t add layers on top of a spray tan. If you add a new coat of spray tan on top of an old coat, the coloring will look blotchy. It is always best to wait for the old spray tan to fade away. There are several tricks to remove your spray tan faster, but the easiest one is to go swimming. Chlorine will make a spray tan dissolve really fast. Other products that will make your spray tan fade include hydrogen peroxide, vinegar or lemon juice. Simply pour some into your bath or hot tub and soak it for 15-20 minutes.